Whip Hoyer Discusses GOP Refusal to Compromise on Spending Deal on Fox News

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joining me are house majority whip kevin mccarthy of california. the minority whip steny Hoyer of m.d. congressmen, thank you for being here.

good to be here.
bret: congressman Hoyer, let's start with you. chances that this does not get worked in out the final hours before friday for a shutdown? what do you put them at right now?
bret, we tried to have consent for resolution that would have kept the government open without question. the president would have signed it and the senate would have passed it. it was what we usually do. that is a bridge. to allow you to cross over and not fall in the river until you get an agreement. unfortunately it was not passed. we pass address lution that the president said he would veto. not on numbers or cutting spending or kping troops in place, but in socialolicy being adopted. unrelated to numbers. which the president clearly indicated he was not for. i think what playing chicken. we're driving down the road. we agreed to 70% of the cuts proposed. 70%. the other side, founder of the patriot tea party said today if john boehner brought in $99 billion, it wouldn't enough.
you are the other side. what is your take? you have to understand why we're here. they never passed the budget. so we are dealing with something in a short term, discretionary spending. the democrats majority increased it by 83%. we moved where the republicans passed a resolution to fund it to the end of the year. the senate has not acted. we extend it twice. we extend it this time making sure the troops are taken care of until the end of the year. we're in three conflicts. they shouldn't be political. we cut another $12 billion. that is less than the number that steny agreed upon. he brought up there are other things in it. what he brings up he voted for 18 times in congress. it's non-congressional. the idea to play politics with this is wrong. we extent it another week. negotiations have gone better. the president has now decided to get engaged. we're excited.
bret: every time someone comes out of the white house it seems like the negotiations are getting more con tense. it was going fine.
the president didn't get engaged until we put the first extension. he met with us for one day and left the country two weeks. the president got engaged again
he will do all of his talking points in the seven minutes we have.
bret: how about the contention riders have been passed before on funding bims?
they have been.
bret: why should this one be.
we passed riders and when we were in charge and bush wouldn't agree to riders or veto bills we dropped them. we knew we had to come to agreement in democracy, you have to come to agreement. we have come 70% of the way. he talks about the families and any family knows if one side gets 70%. that is a good accomplishment they're saying our way or the highway.
hall rogers the chairman said it may come down to passing a good clean c.r. to keep the government open do you have the vote? could you whip the votes of your member to coax enough members to vote for that without policy rider torse $12 billion in cuts?
let me be clear what he offered.
let's start with the vote.
we have the vote that pass to keep government open for another week. like republicans has done three other times.
not the last time. you know that. without the votes i got you, you couldn't have passed it. we passed i because we thought it was reasonable place to go.
with all due.
this is not reasonable place to go.
let me get him to answer one question.
do you think you can get a clean c.r. with the votes you have?
we won't negotiate with ourselves. the senate has done nothing.
the republican bill got more vote than democrat version in the senate. with all due respect, the democrats with the majority never passed a budget.
we're inheriting it.
the senate passed two of the resolutions you passed. don't say the senate didn't do it.
let me ask you.
congressman Hoyer let me ask you a question.
the president signed the resolutions that kept the government going. in fact, we accepted cuts in both of those resolutions. which i voted for, as you know.
congressman Hoyer, look at the latest "washington post" poll and it's dead tied on who is to blame. if the government does shut down. do you agree with howard dean it would be a good thing for democrats if the got shut down?
no, it would not be a good thing and much more important for the country. shutting down the government is not good for the country. in the contention, times between bush and democratic congress we never shut the government down. we came to agreement with president bush. the last time the republicans took over control of the house, in 1995, they shut down the government because they would not come to an agreement with president clinton. they said to clinton our way or the highway they are repeating that today.
let's not rewrite history. clinton vetoed it.
he did?
with all due respect -- republicans in the house, though the democrats never passed a budget and only funded government until march 8, we have been continuing to extend it. we understand the election was different. it was different than just putting somebody in the house. it was idea of a culture change of washington. you cannot continue to spend the way it's been going on. so we have laid out in an open process. even the good friend here knows on the democratic side they offered amendment. even your congressman weiner had an amendment in hr-1.
we agreed to $70 billion in cuts. we agreed to $70 billion in cuts.
bret: let me wrap it up this way. congressman Hoyer you were around for the shutdown in '95-'96.
i was.
bret: back then congress and the president passed several bills. some spending bills, including one to run the legislative branch. so if this thing shuts down, how does congress keep light on? there has been nothing passed.
the senate took up our bill, they wouldn't get shut down.
we can continue negotiations and finish.
the fact of the matter is, bret, we have to keep congress going. why? we have to if the government shuts down get it back open. if you don't have congress in place you can't do that. so we're essential for making sure we get the government back going if it shuts down. it doesn't need to shut down. it doesn't need to shut down, because we did so often and as hal rogers would tell you he believes ought to be the case, we ought to pass a clean c.r. as a bridge from where we are now, with moving forward on negotiations. it's not like people aren't.
we are going in final hours. republicans are not going let the government shut down. that's why we passed a c.r. that took the department of defense and our troops out of this. if the president shuts down this government and does not pay our troops, shame on him. this is an idea that we are going to make sure we can go another week. finish negotiations their way.
no compromise. no compromise.
bret: i don't know how it will got at the white house, but this table didn't work out too well.
well, very frankly if i go 70% of the way, there is not a viewer you have that sits down in negotiations and goes 70 president of the way and doesn't think to themselves i have been pretty reasonable. it's time for to us make the come from mize.
you would have voted for the bill today that was less than the 70%.
it's on the table. tea party guy said if he brought in 99, he wouldn't take it.
you have to stop --
bret: thank you for coming in. i appreciate the time