Whip Hoyer Discusses the American Jobs Act on MSNBC

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joining me now, number two democratic in the house, miept whip, steny Hoyer. congressman, thanks for being here. we hear democrats express concern over the jobs bills, showed some of the faces that had criticisms. senate side, harry reid not scheduling a vote as of yet. one of the ideas, why not go a la cart with some of the plans?

the president offered a getting jobs now bill. he wants american jobs to be created as soon as possible and offered a comprehensive package which is related to one another, putting money in the hands of businesses so they can hire and grow jobs, putting money in the hands of consumers so they will be able to purchase goods.

why not break some of those out, the ones that are attractive to democrats, ones that are receiving criticism from both sides, put them out for later?

we can always put things off for later. you showed i think five or six faces there, you would be surprised if democrats all said amen to any proposal made, whether made by bill clinton or barack obama. that didn't happen in my experience. but the fact is, i think there's overwhelming support frankly in the country for getting a comprehensive jobs bill passed through congress of the united states in short term. stop the squabbling, stop the bickering. are there differences, yes. this is a proposal the president believes and frankly economists believe. mark zandi, john mccain, one of his economic advisers thinks this will grow gross domestic product and grow jobs as a comprehensive package. we hope it will considered as a comprehensive package. are there some parts some people like better than others, i think that's accurate.

mark zandi said 2 million jobs may be created from the plan. however, not all republicans agree on that. they are agreeing on some. house republicans are open to some ideas. i will play a clip from earlier, paul ryan saying this.

all this temporary booster shot stimulus didn't work in stimulus package, didn't work when the last administration tried these things, so we don't want to go with ideas that have proven to fail, we want ideas that have proven to succeed. i think tax reform is the key.

will they work together with you?

i think tax reform is very important. i hope the special committee addresses that, but i disagree with my good friend, paul ryan, when he says the recovery act didn't work. it absolutely did work, and the same economists say it worked, and unemployment would have been much worse without the recovery act. we created 2 million jobs in 20 months while the recovery act money was being invested. so i think to say it didn't work is simply categorically mathematically dmon strably wrong. the fact of the matter, most economists believe the president's package will create jobs and do exactly what the recovery act did at a time when the economy is struggling. the time for bickering and ought to address jobs. we haven't done that the first eight months that congress has been in session. the president said enough is enough. we have to get onto the work. americans can't wait 14 months for the next election to get this resolved, they need jobs and economic growth now.

i appreciate your time, congressman steny Hoyer, as always, good to see you.

good to see you, richard.