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October 31, 2011
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Daniel Reilly, 202-225-3130

WASHINGTON, DC - House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) discussed the American Jobs Act, Democratic support for the Dream Act, and the need for comprehensive immigration reform yesterday on Univison's Al Punto. See below for excerpts and a link to the interview:

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“We need to have more bipartisanship. We need to be working together. There needs to be a greater response to the President of the United States’ initiative to pass an American Jobs Act, which would create a million, over a million jobs. At least it would up our economy, would invest in our infrastructure. Keep policemen, firemen, teachers on the job in our communities. Unfortunately, the Republicans have turned a deaf ear to those initiatives to the detriment, in my opinion, of our economy and of our people.”

“Well, certainly I have been urging, the Democrats have been urging for the last eight months, nine months now, for the Republicans who are in charge of the House of Representatives to put a Jobs bill on the floor. And if they disagreed with it, fine, vote against it. But let the American people see who is for creating jobs, who is for investing and growing our economy… In the Latino community almost a million people face unemployment and the loss of unemployment insurance, that means they won't be able to support themselves and their families. That won't be good for our country. It's certainly not good for them and their families. We've been urging Republicans, put that bill on the floor. The President is going around the country urging the Republicans to put that bill on the floor. Harry Reid in the Senate, the Democratic leader in the Senate, did in fact put the Jobs Bill on the floor. And unfortunately every Republican voted against it. He's even tried to put parts of it on the floor to try to help in some areas and they voted against that. So unfortunately the Congress has been a do-nothing Congress in the House because in my opinion they're not putting substantiate legislation on the floor.”

“I believe that [Latinos] will be looking at this election and comparing the Republican positions and the Democratic positions, including Barack Obama's positions. First of all, as you know, Barack Obama has been working closely with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which has been doing a very excellent job pushing the Dream Act. I am a strong supporter of the Dream Act. Democrats are strong supporters of the Dream Act. The President is a strong supporter of the Dream Act. On the other hand, the Republican candidates have indicated that they're not supportive of that. The President is very supportive of comprehensive immigration reform. We need comprehensive immigration reform in this country. We need to make sure… our borders are secure. But we also need to make sure that there is a pathway to citizenship for some of our hardest working people in this country who are playing by the rules, paying taxes, and bringing up families. But this President says, he is supportive of that, is supportive of that. And would sign such a bill. Unfortunately again, the Republicans have stopped consideration of that.”