Whip Hoyer Discuss the Republican Budget on CNBC

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“Frankly, first of all, we need to observe that what the budget really does is set a number for expenditures and we did that some months ago. And we agreed on a figure after long and tough negotiations and, frankly, the Republican budget abandoned that agreement. It welched on the deal, if you will.”

“They offered a budget that is somewhat a reprise of last year's. It savages Medicare, turns the guarantee into a higher cost problematic benefit. We don't think that's what the American people want. Secondly it makes again the tax disparities between our people even greater. It shifts resources from the middle class and poor to the wealthiest in America. It gives 150,000 additional tax cuts to millionaires and doesn't say how you're going to pay for that, $10 trillion in additional tax cuts, which clearly means you'll explode the deficit even more. They pretend they will cut out preference items.

“They also, in that process they severely undermine investments in our future, investments in education, investments in research, investments in growing jobs, investment in infrastructure. Clearly with the result of diminishing the quality of our society in the long run, and don't get to balance. That's why some of the most conservative Republicans are opposed to their own budget, the Republican budget.”

“So what we're seeing in this budget process, unfortunately, is not real. It's not balanced. The package that we've offered is a balanced package. It mirrors to a large degree the President's balanced budget that looks to cuts, looks to balance in terms of additional revenues.”

“I think what you'll see today and tomorrow in the budget deinterstate a debate about a Republican proposal that nobody including I can't believe any realistic Republicans believe even if they control the Congress would become law because of the actions that it takes that do not balance the budget, are not balanced, savage the economy, undermine the middle class and put seniors at great risk.”