Whip Hoyer on Blocking the Takeover of Major American Seaports by a Dubai Company

i agree with the gentlelady and the gentleman from michigan, i want to speak about the previous question which is the general public doesn't understand. if we defeat the previous question we get an opportunity to offer an amendment to this piece of legislation. now, because so few pieces of legislation are passing this TimeCode: 14:38:25.7 body, you have to take the opportunitys you get. i appreciate that the chairman of the appropriations committee, mr. lewis, has stated he wants certain -- will insert certain language in the supplemental appropriation bill this afternoon, supplemental for the war in iraq and TimeCode: 14:38:40.9 hurricane recovery, that will block the takeover of major american seaports by a dubai company owned by the united arab emirates. the appropriations committee will mark up that supplemental spending bill today and it may be considered, may be TimeCode: 14:38:55.6 considered on the house floor next week. but the american people should harbor no illusions. we have absolutely no idea when the other body will take up this spending bill. moreover, we have no idea whether the senate bill will even include a provision that TimeCode: 14:39:12.5 addresses the vital national security issue of who owns our ports. in fact, just today senator stevens who chairs the defense appropriations committee -- subcommittee is quoted as saying, i believe it ought to go through the 45-day review. so they are not going to take TimeCode: 14:39:28.7 it up very soon. mr. speaker, every member of this house has the opportunity right now, today, to go on record as opposing the sale of american seaports to a company owned by a foreign company -- government. TimeCode: 14:39:44.3 it's not owning the seaports but managing those seaports. there is no excuse for not doing so. we have the opportunity. if we defeat the previous question, that will be our intent to offer an amendment to this bill, send it to the senate which will preclude ownership of the management of TimeCode: 14:40:02.1 the ports of america by the dubai corporation owned by the state. i urge every member oppose the previous question on the rule in order to allow consideration of language blocking the port deal. TimeCode: 14:40:18.7 furthermore, i urge the american people follow not -- to not lose sight of the bigger issue. this administration and this republican congress have failed to do what is necessary to protect our homeland. and our people from attack. TimeCode: 14:40:35.8 just last week steven flynn, a former commander of the coast guard, and an expert on homeland security, testified before the house armed services committee and i quote, my TimeCode: 14:40:50.7 assessment -- this is the commander of the coast guard now retired -- my assessment is that the security measures that are currently in place do not provide an effective deterrent for a determined terrorist TimeCode: 14:41:05.5 organization intent on exploiting or targeting the maritime transportation system to strike at the united states. close quote. five years after the catastrophic attacks of september 11, there is simply no excuse for these continuing TimeCode: 14:41:22.0 vulnerabilities to our national security. today by voting no on the previous question we have an opportunity to say no to the management of america's ports by government-owned entities. TimeCode: 14:41:36.5 vote no on the previous question.