While Dems Take to the Floor, GOP Remains Deeply Divided

House Democrats have been on the House Floor for over an hour, asking for unanimous consent to bring up legislation to address gun violence. As Members hold up photos of gun violence victims and ask for a vote, House Republicans continue to be deeply divided over their NRA-endorsed bill and announce that they will indefinitely delay a vote on their own bill.  

And even though polls shows an overwhelming majority of Americans support expanding background checks and closing the so-called “terror gap,” Republicans refuse to allow a vote on meaningful and commonsense legislation to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists or expand background checks. Not only that, but they appear to have no plan of their own to keep Americans safe. From Politico:

“House Republican infighting has forced GOP leaders to indefinitely postpone a vote on an ‘anti-terrorism package,’ leaving Congress with no legislative response to last month's massacre in Orlando.”

“As Democrats are pushing Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for votes on their gun control proposals, taking to the House floor Thursday to read the names of victims of gun violence, Republicans can’t agree among themselves on what they will support in a gun package.”

“The House Freedom Caucus on Wednesday said it would vote as a bloc against the proposal unless it’s amended. That forced leadership to postpone consideration of the bill, which was slated to hit the floor this week. Ryan and McCarthy hoped a conference meeting would assuage members, but they still don’t appear to have the votes needed, sources say.”

“In a Thursday whip meeting, leadership told senior lawmakers they wouldn’t be able to take up the bill this week because they were still working through the disagreements with the far-right flank.”