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For Immediate Release: 
May 4, 2011

This Congress, Democrats continue to advance the “Make It In America” agenda, a plan to support job creation today and in the future by encouraging businesses to innovate and make products in the US and sell them to the world through strengthening our infrastructure and prioritizing investments in key areas like education and energy innovation. This effort builds on House Democrats' actions to create jobs and continue growing the economy and focuses on investing in key priorities while cutting wasteful spending.

Since the 1970’s, manufacturing has been in a steep decline, shrinking from 20 million jobs in 1979 to fewer than 12 million jobs today. However, 2010 and 2011 have seen a resurgence of the manufacturing sector that we need to build on. 

  • Manufacturing in the U.S. expanded in March at close to the fastest pace in almost seven years, and has seen 21 straight months of growth.
  • In 2010, the manufacturing sector added 152,000 jobs. 
  • Manufacturing employment increases in 2010 and 2011 mark the longest stretch of growth since 1997.

Job losses in the manufacturing sector contributed to the stagnation of the middle class over the past decade—from 2002 to 2008, the median household income fell by $2,000. Democrats are focused on reversing this trend and rebuilding the middle class by making sound investments in: 

  • Our ability to out-educate our competitors and ensure we have a competitive workforce;
  • Our ability to out-innovate our competitors and keep America the world leader in cutting-edge fields and technology; 
  • And our ability to out-build our competitor and strengthen infrastructure so that we can move products quickly and cheaply.

This is a comprehensive effort that includes:

  • Investing in infrastructure and supporting the flow of commerce
  • Keeping America competitive
  • Supporting small businesses
  • Smart tax policy
  • Clean energy jobs
  • Innovative education policy

By focusing on these critical investments in our future, we can create an environment that:

  • Creates good-paying middle class jobs;
  • Boosts America’s global competitiveness;
  • Helps to spur growth in other areas of the economy that support manufacturing.

A number of Make It In America bills have already been signed into law and are helping to foster an environment that encourages manufacturers to innovate, grow, keep and create good jobs in the U.S.: 

  • U.S. Manufacturing Enhancement Act: Makes it cheaper for American companies to obtain the materials they need to manufacture goods.
  • Protecting American Patents: Helps the Patent Office to begin to unclog the backlog – totaling about 1.2 million pending applications – by giving the agency access to more of the fees it collects so that patent applications can continue to be processed and innovative ideas can continue to move to market.
  • Preventing Outsourcing: Legislation prevents the outsourcing of U.S. jobs by closing tax loopholes that encourage companies to send U.S. jobs overseas.
  • Small Business Jobs Act: Expands much needed lending to millions of small businesses and offers tax incentives to help small businesses grow, hire, and fuel our economy, without adding a dime to the deficit.
  • Energy Jobs and Training for Veterans Act: Provides grants for programs to provide on-the-job training, apprenticeship, real experience, and long-term employment in all energy fields.
  • COMPETES Act: Establishes innovative technology federal loan guarantees for small- and medium-sized manufacturers and invests in science, technology, engineering, and math education.