*2014 Republican Budget

What An Election Really Means

The Republican party is out of touch with American voters, according to polling numbers and of course, the 2012 election results--- but Speaker Boehner just doesn't get it.  Today, he admitted that instead of taking cues from the American people, he will continue to push for policies that the American people rejected:

Speaker John A. Boehner suggested Thursday that candidates and personalities – not Republican proposals on Medicare and spending cuts – contributed to Republican losses in November, as he vowed to press forward with a House budget plan that renews the push to shrink the government.”

“In short, Mr. Boehner, Republican of Ohio, said in an interview, the election losses would not deter his party from pressing its vision of reducing the size of government and turning government health care programs largely over to the private sector.”

“‘There are a lot of things that decide an election, especially the two candidates that you have, the personalities that they have, positions they have taken,’ he said. [New York Times, 3/14]

Personalities over policy?

Clearly the Speaker and his party are having a hard time accepting that more than just their messaging needs to be revamped. But the fact remains the American people sent a clear message this past November when they voted against the Republican budget and policies.