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What A Difference A Day Makes

What a difference a day makes.

On Saturday, Speaker Boehner supported the Senate’s bipartisan bill to extend middle class tax cuts, calling it a “good deal”:

From the NY Times: “A number of House members who participated in the call said Mr. Boehner told them they should accept the deal, however imperfect, and fight for a better one next year.”

From CNN: “The source said Boehner described the Senate vote as ‘a good deal’ and ‘a victory’ in the conference call…”

But it didn’t take long for the Speaker to cave to the extreme Tea Party faction of the House GOP conference and walk away from compromise. On Sunday, he reversed his stance, putting our economy and jobs at risk:

From the Washington Post: “Faced with the uprising on his right flank, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) retreated Sunday from his previous support for the package, saying the House does not expect to approve that plan on Monday night after it returns to Washington.”

From Roll Call: “But Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who had regularly communicated with McConnell as the deal was crafted, ultimately walked away.”