Fiscal Responsibility

What Americans Want: Policy or Campaign Politics?

So far, House Republicans’ summer agenda is not drawing rave reviews.

As Roll Call covers, instead of focusing on job creation, giving certainty to our economy by extending the middle class tax cuts without holding them hostage to tax cuts for the wealthy, or taking action on critical issues set to expire at the end of the month - passing a bipartisan highway bill, and preventing student loan interest rates from doubling – the GOP is acting on “partisan legislation that has little to no chance of becoming law” and focusing on efforts to “roll back or block regulations that are destined for campaign ads and a Senate drawer.”

That’s clearly not going to do anything to get our economy back on track. 

On top of that, Speaker Boehner and Congressional Republicans are doubling down on last summer’s debt ceiling debacle they created that lowered our credit rating and damaged our economy.  Unfortunately, Republicans seem ready to once again hold our economy hostage to political brinksmanship:

As the New York Times explains in an editorial on Friday:

“Recently, the House speaker, John Boehner, has ratcheted up economic uncertainty by pledging to force another showdown this year over legislation to raise the debt ceiling. A debt-ceiling debacle would come on top of the expiration at the end of 2012 of the Bush-era tax cuts and the onset of some $1 trillion in automatic spending cuts. If allowed to take effect as planned, those measures would take a huge bite out of growth, further weakening the economy.

“More uncertainty means less consumer and business confidence — and less hiring.”

It is time for Republicans to focus on what Americans want –policies that restore our economy and create jobs.