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FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2009

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MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2009

On Monday, the House will meet at 12:30 p.m. for Morning Hour debate and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business with votes postponed until 6:30 p.m.


Suspensions (7 Bills)

 1)  H.Res. 329 - Recognizing the anniversary of the tragic accident of the steamboat ship SS Sultana (Rep. Snyder – Armed Services)

      2)  H.Con.Res. 99 - Supporting the goals and ideals of a National Early Educator Worthy Wage Day (Rep. McCarthy (NY) – Education and Labor)

      3)  H.Res. 335 - Supporting the goals and ideals of National Volunteer Week (Rep. Platts – Education and Labor)

      4)  H.Res. 344 - Commending the University of Connecticut Huskies for their historic win in the 2009 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Women's Basketball Tournament (Rep. Courtney – Education and Labor)

      5)  H.Res. 337 - Supporting the observance of National Child Abuse Prevention Month (Rep. Granger – Education and Labor)

6)  H.R. 1746 - Pre-Disaster Mitigation Act of 2009 (Rep. Oberstar – Transportation and Infrastructure)

7)  H.R. 1747 – Great Lakes Icebreaker Replacement Act (Rep. Oberstar – Transportation and Infrastructure)




On Tuesday, the House will meet at 10:30 a.m. for Morning Hour debate and 12:00 p.m. for legislative business. On Wednesday and Thursday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for legislative business. On Friday, no votes are expected in the House.


Suspensions (12 Bills)

      1)  H.Res. 340 - Expressing sympathy to the victims, families, and friends of the tragic act of violence at the American Civic Association in Binghamton, New York (Rep. Hinchey – Oversight and Government Reform)

      2)  H.Res. 341 - Expressing heartfelt sympathy for the victims and families of the shootings in Geneva and Coffee Counties in Alabama, on March 10, 2009 (Rep. Bright – Oversight and Government Reform)

      3)  H.R. 1595 - To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 3245 Latta Road in Rochester, New York, as the "Brian K. Schramm Post Office Building" (Rep. Lee (NY) – Oversight and Government Reform)

      4)  H.Res. 342 - Expressing support for designation of May 2, 2009, as "Vietnamese Refugees Day" (Rep. Cao – Oversight and Government Reform)

 5)  H.Res. 357 - Supporting the goals and ideals of Financial Literacy Month 2009 (Rep. Hinojosa – Financial Services)

      6)  H.R. 1243 - To provide for the award of a gold medal on behalf of Congress to Arnold Palmer in recognition of his service to the Nation in promoting excellence and good sportsmanship in golf (Rep. Baca – Financial Services)

      7)  H.R. 46 - Family Self-Sufficiency Act of 2009 (Rep. Biggert – Financial Services)

      8)  H.Con.Res. 36 - Calling on the President and the allies of the United States to engage with officials of the Government of Iran to raise the case of Robert Levinson at every opportunity, urging officials of the Government of Iran to fulfill their promises of assistance to the family of Robert Levinson, and calling on the Government of Iran to share the results of its investigation into the disappearance of Robert Levinson with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Rep. Wexler – Foreign Affairs)

     9)   H.Res. 76 - Mourning the horrific loss of life in January 2009 caused by a landslide in Guatemala and an earthquake in Costa Rica and expressing the sense of Congress that the United States should assist the affected people and communities (Rep. Burton – Foreign Affairs)

    10)  S. 735 - Protecting Incentives for the Adoption of Children with Special Needs Act of 2009 (Sen. Baucus – Ways and Means)

    11)  H.Res. 109 - Supporting the mission and goals of 2009 National Crime Victims' Rights week to increase public awareness of the rights, needs, and concerns of victims and survivors of crime in the United States, and to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the enactment of the Victims of Crime Act of 1984 (Rep. Costa – Judiciary)

    12)  H.Con.Res. 104 - Supporting the goals and ideals of National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (Rep. Baldwin – Judiciary)


H.R. 1913 - Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 (Rep. Conyers – Judiciary) (Subject to a Rule)


H.R. 627 - Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights Act of 2009 (Rep. Maloney – Financial Services) (Subject to a Rule)


Conference Report on S.Con.Res. 13 - Setting forth the congressional budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2010, revising the appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal year 2009, and setting forth the appropriate budgetary levels for fiscal years 2011 through 2014 (Rep. Spratt – Budget) (Subject to a Rule)



* Conference Reports may be brought up at any time.

* Motions to go to Conference should they become available.      

* Possible Motions to Instruct Conferees.