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September 29, 2003
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» Please view the "Weekly Whip" outlining the Floor Schedule for the week of September 29, 2003.

Floor items that you may want to do press on:

H.R. 1588 - National Defense Authorization for Fiscal Year 2004 Conference Report

H.R. 2115 - Century of Aviation FAA Reauthorization Conference Report

In light of recent remarks by Majority Leader Tom DeLay at the Heritage Foundation on the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq (see attached speech and stories from the AP), please view a document distributed by the Office of the Democratic Whipearlier this year, "Thin Skin, Short Memories Plague GOP Leaders."

H.R. 1588 - National Defense Authorization for Fiscal Year 2004 Conference Report

The House may consider this legislation next week.  H.R. 1588 contains objectionable provisions relating to the basic rights of federal employees at the Department of Defense and the environment that could remain in the conference report.  Even if H.R. 1588 does not come to the Floor this week, Members may want to talk about the extreme provisions that are holding up passage of this important legislation.

In addition, Republicans continue to refuse to address the Disabled Veterans Tax which penalizes hundreds of thousands of veterans.

Attached is information to help you do press regarding H.R. 1588 - National Defense Authorization for Fiscal Year 2004:

  • Press Release from Democratic WhipSteny Hoyer regarding the DoD civil service reform policies
  • Press Release from AFGE regarding DoD civil service reform policies
  • Excerpt of a letter from Representatives Waxman, Skelton, Obey and Spratt to Speaker Hastert and Leader Pelosi on the objectionable environmental provisions contained in the DoD Reauthorization
  • Press Release from Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher regarding the Endangered Species Act exemption
  • A September 10th letter from Democratic Members to the House Conferees regarding the Disabled Veterans Tax
  • A press release from the American Legion regarding the Disabled Veterans Tax

H.R.2115 - Century of Aviation FAA Reauthorization Conference Report

The Reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration is traditionally a bipartisan bill.  Regrettably, this Congress, the Republicans rammed controversial provisions through the Conference Committee that undermine aviation safety and security and weaken the airline industry and its workers.  These provisions include:

  • Privatizing the Air Traffic Control System
  • Gutting Anti-Terrorism Training for Flight Attendants
  • Allowing Foreign Airlines to Raid U.S.Marketplaces. 

Republican Leaders were unable to gather enough support from their own members to pass this controversial conference report so the House will vote to recommit it early this week.

It is possible that a new conference report could be brought to the Floor later in the week.  It is unclear at this time what the language regarding privatization and the other controversial provisions will be in a new conference report.  Democratsshould continue to speak out against Republican efforts to undermine air security.

Please see the attached materials provided by the Democratic Staff of the House Transportation Committee and the Office of the Democratic Whipfor assistance in doing press on the FAA Reauthorization Conference Report:

  • An editorial board memo from Representatives Hoyer and Oberstar to newspaper editorial boards and columnists outlining arguments against privatization
  • A summary of the controversial provisions
  • List of Air Traffic Control Towers authorized to be privatized

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