Week Ahead ● Tax and Appropriations
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September 24, 2004
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Next week's Floor Schedule offers a perfect opportunity to highlight the Republicans' failed agenda once again.

H.R. ____ - Short-term Extension of Transportation Authorization

Republicans have failed to pass a transportation reauthorization bill, so next week the House will have to pass the sixth short-term extension in a year.  This failure has delayed improvements to roads and bridges around the country, forcing us to operate as if it is 1998 instead of 2004.  The country has new transportation needs and priorities that are not being met because of Republicans' infighting and incompetence
Please see the attached document which was prepared by the American Association of State Highway and Transporation Officials.  This report projects $2.1 billion in project delays and 90,000 lost jobs.  It also has STATE SPECIFIC information on the negative impact of the delay.

H.R. ____ - Continuing Resolution

In addition, Republicans  have failed to pass 12 out of 13 appropriations bills, including Homeland Security, so the House will be forced to pass a Continuing Resolution to keep the government open.
Other business left unfinished:
  • a budget
  • an energy bill
  • a Defense Reauthorization bill
  • legislation to end $4 billion in European Union sanctions on American manufacturers
  • 9/11 intelligence reforms
Please see the attached documents which help make the case against Republican leadership both domestically and abroad.