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September 22, 2003
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» Please view the "Weekly Whip" outlining the Floor Schedule for the week of September 22, 2003.

Floor items that you may want to do press on:

H.R. 2115 - Century of Aviation FAA Reauthorization Conference Report

H.R.2115 - Century of Aviation FAA Reauthorization Conference Report

The reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration is traditionally a bipartisan bill.  Regrettably, this Congress, the Republicans have used this bill to ram controversial, special-interest provisions through the Conference Committee.  Moreover, the Republicans provided Democrats no opportunity to review or offer amendments to any of the controversial provisions included in the Conference Report.  Indeed, the Conference Committee never even voted on any of the controversial provisions included in the Report.  As a result, for the first time ever, no House or Senate Democrat signed the FAA Reauthorization Conference Report, and Ranking Member Oberstar is strongly opposed to the Conference Report.

Controversial provisions in the Republican FAA Reauthorization Conference Report undermine aviation safety and security and weaken the airline industry and its workers:

  • Republicans Seek to Privatize the Air Traffic Control System
  • Republicans Gut Anti-Terrorism Training for Flight Attendants
  • Republicans Allow Foreign Airlines to Raid U.S.Marketplaces. 

Please see the attached materials provided by the Democratic Staff of the House Transportation Committee and the Office of the Democratic Whip for assistance in doing press on the FAA Reauthorization Conference Report:

  • An editorial board memo from Representatives Hoyer and Oberstar to newspaper editorial boards and columnists outlining arguments against privatization
  • A summary of the controversial provisions in the FAA Conference Report
  • A letter from Congressman Oberstar to Secretary of Transportation Mineta
  • A press release and statement from Congressman Oberstar on the Air Traffic Control System Integrity Act of 2003, which would prohibit the federal government from turning the nation's air traffic control (ATC) system over to private operators, and the main provisions of which were contained in the House bill until Chairman Young replaced it
  • List of Air Traffic Control Towers authorized to be privatized

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