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March 29, 2004
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Items you may want to do press on: 

  • Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Resolution 
  • Transportation Equity Act—Legacy for Users (TEA-LU)
  •  New Unemployment Figures 

Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Resolution

House Republican Leaders have announced that they will go to conference with the Senate next week on the Fiscal Year 2005 Budget.  The Senate Budget would reinstate expired "pay-as-you-go" rules that mandate offsets for new tax cuts  and entitlement spending.

The House Democratic Budget contained similar "pay-as-you-go" language, and Democrats will offer a motion to instruct conferees to accept the Senate "pay-as-you-go" language  on Monday  in order to rein in the record deficits created by Republicans' reckless policies.

The materials listed below may help you in doing press on House Democratic support for  fiscal responsibility and  "pay-as-you-go," and House Republicans' refusal to seriously tackle the ballooning deficits that are threatening Social Security, Medicare and our ability to invest in America's future

Transportation Equity Act—Legacy for Users (TEA-LU) 

The Transportation Equity Act will be on the Floor next week.  Attached is

  • a summary prepared by the House Transportation Committee Democrats
  • State-by-State Funding Levels


The House will likely adjourn next week for the April recess without having extended the federal unemployment insurance compensation  program to protect the more than 8 million unemployed Americans who are struggling to find a job, because the House Republican leadership refuses to schedule a vote on such an extension.   

At the end of March,more than 1 million unemployed Americans will have exhausted their state benefits according to a report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

In addition, on Friday, new unemployment figures will be released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Democrats will continue to fight to extend the temporary federal benefits. 

House Democrats are urged to talk to local media and constituents regarding Republicans' failure to assist unemployed workers in a jobless economy and our efforts on behalf of unemployed workers.