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March 22, 2004
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House Republican Leaders have announced that the Fiscal Year 2005 Budget will be on the Floor.  Unlike Republicans, Democrats will offer a credible budget alternative that meets America’s priorities.

Fiscal Year 2005 Budget

House Republican Leaders had planned on passing their 2005 Budget Resolution this past week. 

However, Republicans are trapped in a budget box of their own creation and they are battling deep internal conflict.  They will have a difficult time passing a budget this next week.

Democrats should continue to hammer on the Republicans’ fiscal irresponsibility and their misguided budget priorities.  Democrats will offer an alternative budget that is fiscally responsible and has the right priorities for America.

The Democratic Whip Website has a 2005 Budget Clearinghouse (under Floor Feature in center of the home page) with Leadership statements, charts, links to helpful sites and other information that will be continuously updated throughout this debate.