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June 9, 2003
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» Please view the "Weekly Whip" outlining the Floor Schedule for the week of June 9, 2003.

Floor items that you may want to do press on:

H.R. 1115 - the Class Action Fairness Act

H.R. 1115 - the Class Action Fairness Act

Next week, the House is expected to consider this legislation which would expand the jurisdiction of the federal courts over class action cases.  This misguided legislation claims to address problems in current law but it only imposes additional burdens on the already over-tasked federal courts and needlessly changes current uniform rules of federal civil procedure. 

Democrats are expected to offer a substitute to address some of the concerns over class action practices without interfering in the ability of classes of plaintiffs looking for remedies.  The Democratic Class Action Improvement Act of 2003 would address settlement abuses, protections against losses, and discretion of appeals.

Attached is information from the Office of the Democratic Whip, Congressman Max Sandlin and Judiciary Committee Ranking Democrat John Conyers to assist you in doing press on H.R. 1115:

  • A summary of H.R. 1115
  • Five Reasons to Oppose Class Action "Reform": 1.Enron 2.Arthur Andersen 3.Firestone 4.Monsanto 5.Service Corporation International
  • "It's Your Rights They Want", Editorial by the Wilmington (NC) Star News, June 1, 2003
  • A list of groups that are opposed to H.R. 1115
  • Committee Markup Statement of Congressman John Conyers