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June 7, 2004
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Energy Week

As part of their political agenda, dubbed "Hire our Workers" and "Careers for a 21st Century," among other slogans, Republicans have declared next week "energy week."

As they have for the past few weeks, Republicans will  once again recycle bills that have already passed the House in place of real action on important issues. 
Over six months ago the House passed an energy conference report that was drafted solely by Republicans.  However, the Senate has refused to pass the conference report, which was said to be "three parts corporate welfare, one part cynical politics." 
Democrats should make it clear to the American people that Republicans have failed to complete a bipartisan, comphrehensive energy bill that would address our country's energy needs and the major energy challenges for the next generation of Americans.
At the very least, electricity legislation responding to the summer blackout that affected 50 million Americans and cost the economy billions, as well as the gouging of customers on the West Coast by Enron and other energy corporate giants, should have been passed months ago.  There is bipartisan support for this part of the energy bill and Democrats support separating and passing provisions that deal with reliability immediately.

The attached documents may be helpful in doing press on these issues next week:
  • An Editorial Board Memo produced last year by the Representatives Hoyer and Dingell on the shortcomings of the energy conference report
  • Middle Class Squeeze - Prices at the Pump: The Bush Gas Tax, produced by the Committee on Education and the Workforce
  • The Cheney Energy Task Force and Higher Prices at the Pump, produced by the Democratic Policy Committee
  • Article from CBS.com regarding Enron tapes
  • Talking points on HOW
  • Fact sheet on HOW