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July 5, 2004
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Republicans: All Talk, No (Floor) Action
In the face of another weak Floor schedule, Democrats should continue to draw attention to the fact that, with the November election rapidly approaching, Republican infighting and ineffectiveness have stalled numerous bills that are important to America's future, the job market and the economy, including:
  • 2005 Budget
  • 2005 Budget Enforcement
  • Transportation Reauthorization
  • Energy Policy

For example, to understand why it is important that the nation have a budget, look no further than Majority Leader Tom Delay's own explanation:

“Let us shift our attention away from the specific points at issue. Let us consider things in the realm of the theoretical. For any theoretical elective body, the decision to proceed forward without a governing budget would be foolhardy and grossly irresponsible. It would be a blunder of rank stupidity and extreme fiscal wantonness for any conceivable legislative body to rashly conclude it could sustain fiscal discipline without a guiding and governing budget.” – Rep. Tom DeLay [Congressional Record, 09/26/02]

In addition, the GOP House is on track to be in Session the least number of days and pass the lowest number of bills for any one year in at least 25 years (see attached chart).

Please find attached materials that you may want to share with reporters:

  • "Republicans Give New Meaning to “Do-Nothing” Congress," a report prepared by the Office of the Democratic Whip
  • A comparison of the measures passed and the amount of time in Session in the 108th Congress in relation to past Congresses