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February 9, 2004
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Items that you may want to do press on:

Ø      President Bush’s Fiscal Year 2005 Budget

Ø      H.R. 743 - Social Security Protection Act

President Bush’s Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Proposal

President Bush released his Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Proposal this past Monday, February 2nd.  The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released a report yesterday, which was reported on in the Washington Post today, that reveals that the

“President’s budget proposes much larger cuts in domestic discretionary programs than has been generally understood or been reported to date in the media...By 2009, funding for domestic discretionary programs would be cut $50 billion below the 2004 level, adjusted for inflation…The large majority of domestic discretionary programs throughout the government would be cut, including popular programs that the Administration claims it is increasing based on its funding request for 2005.  The cuts generally would start in years after 2005 and grow wider with each passing year.”

This report may be helpful in continuing to do press on the Fiscal Year 2005 Budget.  Democratic Whip Hoyer’s statement on this report maybe viewed on the Democratic Whip Website.

The 2005 Budget Clearinghouse on the Democratic Whip home page also continues to be updated. 

Social Security Protection Act

Attached is an excerpt from a CQ Bill Analysis on HR 743, which aims to crack down on Social Security fraud.