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Washington Post's Milbank: Facts Not on GOP's Side on Gas Prices

Wanted to make sure you saw this Washington Post article  from Dana Milbank on the Republican distortions on gas prices.

Democrats are committed to an all-of-the-above energy strategy, while Republicans seem to be committed to little more than drilling and distorting the facts.

Key Points:

“The Republicans are synthesizing a higher-octane blend in their bid to fuel Americans’ anxiety about rising gas prices.”

“…And, on Wednesday, the House energy committee obliged: The Republican majority called in a bunch of oilmen for a hearing dedicated largely to blaming President Obama for high gas prices.”

“…In fact, domestic oil output has sharply increased under Obama to the highest level in nearly a decade and is expected to continue expanding. Even if that stopped, it’s not obvious that European price levels (which are inflated by taxes) would be an automatic result.”

“But reason has nothing to do with it. As the stock market advances and the labor market improves, Republicans are losing their best campaign themes. That makes the recent spike in gas prices — in part a byproduct of higher economic growth — a potentially crucial issue for the opposition. The facts aren’t on their side (policymakers have little sway over oil prices; and one policy area that is spurring prices, the prospect of attacking Iran, has been pushed by Republican presidential candidates),

“…In this fight, the facts don’t matter.”