Voting Rights

Washington Post op-ed: The GOP's crime against voters

We wanted to make sure you saw this scathing Washington Post op-ed by Eugene Robinson that blasts Republicans for their blatant attempts to undermine Americans’ rights with restrictive voter ID laws.  Under the false pretense of eliminating voter fraud, Republicans have been pursuing voter ID laws which would be especially harmful to voters that are from low-income and urban communities.

As Robinson explains:

“The Republican-led crusade for voter ID laws has been revealed as a cynical ploy to disenfranchise as many likely Democratic voters as possible, with poor people and minorities the main targets.”

“The problem seems to be that too many of the wrong kind of voters — low-income, urban, African American, Hispanic — are showing up at the polls. Republican candidates have been vowing to ‘take back’ the country. Now we know how.”

But Democrats are not sitting idly by. That is why we have introduced the Voter Empowerment Act, comprehensive legislation to modernize our voter registration system, ensure equal access to the ballot box for all Americans and prohibit voter caging and other deceptive practices that keep people from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

And, have we mentioned recently that maybe Republicans should be focused on actual problems addressing our country? Like, say, creating jobs?