Washington Post: Immigration reform will pay a dividend

House Republican leaders continue to ignore the mounting pressure to fix our broken immigration system, but maybe they will change their tune after reading today’s Washington Post editorial. Here are a few of the highlights showing how comprehensive immigration reform isn’t just a moral obligation – it would also reduce the deficit and grow the economy:

“The CBO has confirmed a gritty street truth about immigration: For all the difficulties and burdens, it is a net plus to the economy. Every senator and congressman who has campaigned in recent years for more economic growth and productivity, who has railed against the budget deficit and lamented the slow recovery, ought to read the sober and persuasive assessment of the CBO on immigration reform.”

“The CBO found that over the next decade direct spending would increase by $262 billion if, among other measures, the Senate immigration bill is passed, opening a path to citizenship for many of the 11 million immigrants now in the United States illegally. But at the same time, the CBO calculated that with so many more people working, revenues would soar by $459 billion over the same decade; the federal deficit would go down by almost $200 billion. Likewise, the CBO found the legislation would boost the country’s overall economic output by 3.3 percent over the next decade, and by 5.4 percent over two decades, compared to what it would be without reform.”

“As the CBO pointed out, immigration reform will have powerful knock-on effects on the economy as new workers boost savings, consumption and productivity.”

“Meanwhile, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) pushed this week in the opposite direction, threatening not to bring immigration reform to the floor unless a majority of House Republicans approves. We think there are House members in both parties who would welcome a chance to vote on the bill — and should get that opportunity.”

Will the GOP finally listen to the majority of Americans and take action on this important issue given these clear economic advantages? You can see why we have trouble believing their claims that they’re the party of fiscal responsibility and economic growth when they refuse to pursue actions that will boost savings and grow the economy. The time is now to put this crucial issue on the Floor for a vote.