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December 14, 2011
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As we get deeper into December after a year of the Republicans’ do-nothing Congress and with much work left to do before adjourning, we hope you will enjoy our adaptation of a classic Christmas story: 

‘Twas the week (& a half) before Christmas, and all through the House
Much work was unfinished, more fires to douse;

Since the Speaker first raised his oversize gavel,
Our fragile recovery began to unravel;

They told us that jobs was their single objective,
But this Congress has ranked as the most ineffective;

Once more our budget is teetering on edge
Because of conservatives’ revenue pledge;

Their 2012 budget would axe Medicare,
And cut funding for critical infrastructure repair;

Instead of a focus on real job creation,
They’ve spent all their time hyping deregulation;

They sent us their fifteen forgettable bills,
Which only succeeded in giving us chills;

Now the Capitol’s halls are decked with contention
As GOP members block a UI extension;

If only they’d work with us on the payroll tax,
Middle class families could finally relax;

Our seniors and doctors all think it’s bizarre
That Republicans still haven’t addressed the SGR;

Their members are worried about reelection
And frozen by fears of a right-wing rejection;

With Republican rule, the House went berserk,
This certainly hasn’t helped those out of work;

Too great a number are jobless, foreclosed,
Yet still we have not seen their jobs plan proposed;

Americans hope that we’ll reach a solution
And might preserve faith in this great institution,

That we can find compromise under this dome
And finish our work – together – before we go home.

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