Trouble in Paradise?

A dream scenario for Congressional Republicans: control of Congress and the White House. But things aren’t going according to plan. At the GOP retreat last week, Congressional Republicans expected to unify their Party and come up with a plan to govern. Instead, Congressional leaders and the Trump Administration walked away more divided than ever.

From the Los Angeles Times:

“It’s what congressional Republicans had long dreamed about: a majority in both chambers to advance conservative policies and a president from the same party to sign them into law. But the Trump White House isn’t turning out exactly the way they envisioned.”

“The GOP establishment is experiencing whiplash after a week of President Trump bulldozing through the norms of policy and protocol — dashing off executive orders without warning, escalating a diplomatic crisis with the country’s closest southern neighbor, triggering global confusion with a new refugee policy and generally hijacking party leaders’ agenda and replacing it with his own.”

“Rather than the hoped-for collaborative new relationship between the White House and Congress, GOP officials complain that Trump is brushing aside their advice, failing to fully engage on drafting tough legislative packages like tax reform and Obamacare, and bypassing Congress by relying on executive actions, something they frequently complained about under President Obama.”

“In the name of party unity, many Republicans so far have refrained from publicly attacking the new president. But for some, the new refugee policy crossed the line, signaling the first major rift in their already fraught partnership.”

“Lawmakers appear to have little forewarning of what Trump is doing from one day to the next — or even hour to hour — learning about their party leader’s latest moves the way everyone else doeswhen his tweets light up their smartphones.”

“Republicans who had hoped to huddle privately to craft a policy agenda were forced to veer repeatedly off message as they fumbled to respond to Trump’s string of actions and statements.”