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For Immediate Release: 
July 26, 2013

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to creating jobs, growing our economy, and helping Americans succeed.  Many of the issues he discussed align with House Democrats’ Make It In America jobs plan, and I am committed to pushing for these common-sense proposals to advance in Congress.

Unfortunately, next week House Republicans have announced they will hold the 40th vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Instead of wasting time on a vote to take away important patient protections that benefit millions of Americans, House Republicans should be taking action on the many critical issues facing our nation, including job creation, a big and balanced budget that stops the sequester, and passing comprehensive immigration reform. With only one week left until the August district work period and fewer than 15 legislative days remaining until the end of the Fiscal Year, I will continue to urge Republicans to stop playing games with our economy and our nation's creditworthiness and instead take action to keep our government open and ensure America pays its bills.

Sincerely yours, 


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