*Government Shutdown

They Can’t Be Serious: Republicans Thinking About Another Government Shutdown

As  the deadline for a fiscal agreement gets closer, apparently some Republicans are discussing the idea of another government shutdown.  According to POLITICO:

“A heated discussion broke out Wednesday at a closed-door Tea Party Caucus meeting organized by the group TheTeaParty.net, according to a source in the room.”

“The consensus in the meeting was that House Republicans should work to avoid another government funding fight when current funding levels expire on Jan. 15 — ‘though there was a vocal minority cheering it on,’ according to an attendee who was not authorized to speak about an off-the-record meeting.”

“The pro-shutdown contingent said that a second shutdown fight could be won with better GOP messaging.”

Here’s some important news for the House GOP: messaging wasn’t your problem – shutting down the government was.  Republicans should work with Democrats to reach agreement on a budget instead of going down that road again.