*Government Shutdown

A Tally of Republican Obstruction (so far)

In case you’re keeping track (and really, you should be) – we’re now up to seven times that House Republicans have voted against bringing the Senate’s clean government funding bill to the Floor so we can reopen the government. And that doesn’t count the numerous unanimous consent requests from Democrats to bring the Senate CR to the Floor, all of which have been denied. A recap of the 7 votes:

  • PQ on Wednesday
  • MTR H.J.Res 70 on Wednesday
  • MTR H.R.3230 on Thursday
  • MTR H.J.Res 72 on Thursday
  • PQ today
  • MTR on H.J.Res 85 today (watch Bobby Scott’s explanation of why R’s should have voted with us, and how that action would allow us to bring up the Senate CR)
  • MTR on H.J.Res 75 today