Talks on Upcoming Bipartisan Health Care Summit on Fox

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... focused exclusively on what's happening in today's meeting and to listening and trying to find some cooperation. i hope that's what each and every participant is willing to do. friday we'll worry about on friday. that's years away in political circumstances. >> gretchen: is there any chance for real progress today? house majority leader is our guest right now from washington. good morning to you, coressman. >> good morning, gretchen. od to be with you. >> gretchen: something you have said, some people would be startled at. numberne, you say that you're not sure that there are enough votes in the house to pass this thing. do you really believe that? >> no, i don't recall saying that. what i said was in response to a question, if there weren't enough votes, would there be an option of dealing with more limited reform package. i answered that question honestly, yes, that obviously is an option. but like the president, we're all focused on a comprehensive health care reform bill, which we think the american people really will support when they know the component parts of it because the polling data shows that when you ask not are you for the health care reform bill, which has been perceived by some as creating confrontation and division as a result of the congressional consideration, but when you ask them about the specifics, do you want to preclude preexisting conditions making you denied policies? do you want to preclude annual caps? do you want to provide for open transparent market? you go down those lists of issues in the bills bills and ty yes, yes, to each one in high proportions. hopefully we'll move forward on a comprehensive package. i think the honest answer is that if you can't do that, you don't simply want to give up and not get what is wanted by the public and what is needed to bring health care costs down. >> brian: there is two things going on. you got to get republicans to play. that would help. and you got to get democrats to get along. we saw congressman stupak say yesterday the abortion language i saw, not going to fly with the people that follow me nor me. so in the house, before we get to reconciliation in the senate, in the house, you have your work cut out for you. >> i think we passed a bill in the house and then patsed one in the (that hasn't been done since teddy roosevelt first indicated he felt we needed comprehensive health reform. so we've gotten further than at any point in time in history with republican presidents and democrat president attention supporting efforts. so the fact is, we've gotten pretty far and very frankly as well, people have always said, gee, you're not going to be able to get the votes in the house for this proposition or the other and we have been successful in doing so. now, clearly that requires reaching compromises that will allow a majority of people to feel comfortable in supporting the bill. i think we can do that. >> gretchen: congressman, we wish we had more time. but unfortunately with all the news going on today, we do have to cut it short. thank you so much for being arrogates today and we'd love to touch base with you after the meeting. >> thank you. >> brian: okay. straight ahead, take a look at this duo. modern day robin hood handing out free money to people who are down on their luck with help from his leading lady. they join us live next. >> gretchen: let's check in with martha mccallum. >> good morning. thanks to you, hoyer pointed to something significant. is it a plan b? is there a much slimmer version of health care fixes that's emerging here? some of that may allow some face saving, but who wants to really stand out and be heard today? what individuals want to make their election or break it based on this meeting? coming up on america's newsroom. ...