Talks on Health Reform Bill Progress on Fox News

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... neil: they say they have enough votes to do it. are you worried about this, congressman? i do not know if you heard me, but i think they have the votes. do they? >> i worked closely with them. they're all for health care reform, as was john mccain and barack obama. this was during the course of the campaign last year. the issue they have is a specific in terms of ways of doing that, and they are discussing that. they will have the votes for some changes in the bill. i am not sure. the bills could be marked up over the next four days or five days and we will see, but certain and that the blue dogs want to vote for health. they need to make sure that everyone in america has access to affordable health care. neil: right, but not all of them would hear the speaker said that tax hikes meant for health care might be repurchased in the deficit reduction. i am sure that confused them. >> i did not hear the speaker say that. but the bottom line is that we will have to bring costs down. that must be the objective of this bill. cost for the government, individuals, families, and business. we will have to bring costs down because our present costs are unsustainable over the long run. that will be our top objective. >> we have to have a revenue stream. if we do not like that money, we can use it to reduce the deficit. neil: if that money was to pay for health care and it turns out you have a lot of savings, more than you realize, and you do not need it, why not just give that tax hike money back to the people you were hiking in on, rather than the purpose it for something. -- repercussive? >> we have this challenge in front of us, which has been added to in the past few months trying to meet the economic crisis. after the request from the first bush administration and the obama administration, i am sure what the speaker was saying is, ""look, with the revenue is projected to pay for this in the short term, the inclusion of all americans in health care raises more money than is projected and there is money available, rather than put out to other spending. we should reduce the deficit."" we have to reduce the deficit, for this generation and generations to come. i support her in that effort. neil: i know you're saying that, but if you are really rich, and all of the sudden you were told that the 5.4% surtax you would have slapped on you to pay for health care was going to be for health care and you knew your top rate would go up, ostensibly to even things out from the bush years -- all of the sudden, 5.4% of the height is for another reason. >> i do not know what the context is. she was saying with more money in the treasury, we will apply that to deficit reduction, which would be appropriate. if in fact we conclude that the rate was there, we ought to modify that percentage. we would have to look clearly at the context in which it was said and what again with the estimate of what cost and revenues would be. neil: are you losing control of this? do you feel it is slipping away? >> no. i do not. every member of the democratic caucus believes we need to have health care reform. john mccain campaigned on the basis we needed health care reform. neil: we just had him on, and he ...