Talking Bush Tax Cuts and Fall Agenda on CNN

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... >>> joining me now is thedemocratic majority leader in the house of representatives, steny hoyer. >> always good to be here, thank you. >> i want to start off with what will occupy your fall, and that's the bush tax cuts set to expire in january. and the administration has been we want to keep them for the middle class and any household making $250,000 or above, we will repeal them. what you have is the argument, bad time, not enough jobs out there and you cannot create jobs by essentially raising taxes, even if you want to call these rich people. i want to introduce into the argument, something peter orszag wrote, and he is talking about the idea of this huge deficit versus the huge jobs deficit. in the face of the duelling deficits, the best approach is a compromise, extend the tax cuts for two years and then end them altogether. and by extending the tax cuts, he talks about the rich. how about that? >> what we need to realize what was going to happen was put in place by the republicans in 2001 and 2003, to meet their budgets. and the president said we are not going to allow families to have a tax increase, period. families is the $250,000 and under people, which is under 98% of the people. >> what about a compromise here? >> compromises are tough to get, candy? >> are you open to it? >> yeah, we will talk about compromise, but we don't believe that a tax cut on the richest americans are going to have any affect on the economy? we gave 98% of the americans tax cuts in the recovery act. >> a lot of people make the argument it will not create jobs, so why not get behind a payroll holiday? >> we did on the fica tax, it is in place and gave small businesses a tax holiday, as you point out. not only did we give that, but we gave $1,000 bonus if those people are on the payroll a year from now. we have done things of that nature, and we have done a number of things to super job creation and growth, but we have had trouble getting them through the senate. one of the bills we want to get done in the coming four weeks is to provide for dollars small businesses to get loans to expand their businesses. we passed that twice, and it's still sitting in the senate. we hope they will pass it. >> when it comes to these tax cuts for the wealthy, do -- you are a smart guy. it seems to me one of two things will happen. either you take it off the table, because your own democrats are out there going we don't want to do this, you have more than a handful of democrats saying this is not a good idea. you need to take it off the table and deal with it after the election or come to a compromise, what will happen? >> we will see what the senate can do. we have over 400 bills pending in the senate that passed. 70% of them with 50 republicans. they are just sitting in the senate. one of the things we are going to do, and i talked to senator reid about this, we are going to see what the senate will do. >> so the art of the doable, and you know it might come along. >> our policy is we will not allow the republican policy of increasing taxes by having these taxes expire, which was republican policy, and we are not going to allow that to happen for the middle income working americans. >> you spent your break in 11 states, and 20 candidates. we are now looking at fairly well-respected political pundits saying you might lose seats. >> i think they are wrong. number one, we will hold the house. >> but you are going to loose seats? >> we will lose seats, probably. i am not going to speculate on a number, candy. we will hold the house. as you said, i have been 20 candidates, and 11 states over the last 2 1/2 weeks, and our candidates are feeling good. what is going to happen is people will compare not the perfect, but the alternatives. joe biden likes to say they are ...