Take Five: Republicans Continue to Block Action on Critical Legislation

Not once,
Not twice,
Not three times,
Not even four times,
But five times and counting, Democrats have gone onto the Floor to ask House Republicans to return to work to address the long list of Congress’ unfinished business.

While we know that Democrats’ future attempts to bring forward legislation on the House Floor will not come as a surprise to Republican leadership (spoiler!), we hope that they will surprise us, and actually agree to come back to work so we can find bipartisan solutions to pending legislation. In case they’ve already forgotten the to-do list they left behind, here’s a reminder:

  • Comprehensive Jobs legislation
  • Extension of Middle Class Tax Cuts
  • Expired Farm Bill
  • Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act
  • Postal Reform
  • Big, Balanced Deficit Reduction

Let’s see if the sixth time will be the charm…