*American Jobs Act

Support Grows for American Jobs Act, Will GOP Listen?

As Republicans continue to ignore jobs and instead waste time on partisan bills that don't create jobs, a recent Washington Post–ABC News poll shows the majority of Americans support the American Jobs Act and trust the President more than Republicans to get Americans back to work:

  • 52 percent of Americans support the American Jobs Act compared to 36 percent who oppose the bill.
  • 58 percent of Americans believe the American Jobs Act will improve the jobs situation, including 52 percent of independents.
  • And more Americans trust President Obama over House Republicans to do a better job creating jobs - 49 percent compared to 34 percent.

There’s no reason why Republicans shouldn’t take action on the American Jobs Act – it’s fully paid for, includes bipartisan ideas, and will help put more Americans back to work now. It’s time for Republicans to abandon their partisan agenda, listen to the American people and work with us to create jobs and grow the economy.