Voting Rights

States Continue to Restrict Access to Voting Booth

Today’s misguided decision to uphold the restrictive  voter ID law in Pennsylvania is a reminder of the challenges we face to ensure that all citizens have access to the ballot box on Election Day.  Democrats will continue to work to ensure all citizens have the ability to participate in elections by informing people on their right to vote.

Pennsylvania is just the most recent example of these attempts to limit voters’ access to the polls.  Yesterday, the New York Times highlighted in an editorial how in Ohio, Republican county lawmakers have been picking and choosing which counties will eliminate early voting based on how well Democrats performed in past elections. 

“County election boards in Ohio, a closely contested swing state, are evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. In counties likely to vote for President Obama, Republicans have voted against the extended hours, and [Ohio Secretary of State Jon] Husted has broken the tie in their favor. In counties likely to vote for Mitt Romney, Republicans have not objected to the extended hours.  This is just the latest alarming example of how Republicans across the country are trying to manipulate the electoral system by blocking the voting rights of their opponents. These actions have a disproportionate effect on blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic minorities who struggled for so long to participate in American democracy.

This type of voter suppression undermines our very system of government and violates our most basic principles.  And as we pointed out yesterday, many of these laws are little more than solutions in search of a problem, as there is little documented evidence of voter fraud.

Democrats will continue to fight for every American’s right to cast a vote and have it counted this November and in every election we hold.