Statement on the Historic, Bipartisan Energy Bill

thank you, mr. speaker. this is an historic day for the TimeCode: 11:59:11.7 house of representatives. it's an historic day for the dean of the house. it's an historic day for the leadership of this house. and it will be, i think, viewed as a very important day for TimeCode: 11:59:29.0 america and our energy independence and for all our effort to keep our environment sustainable. i want to thank and congratulate the chairman of the energy and TimeCode: 11:59:42.3 commerce committee. i said this when we last considered the bill on this floor. no member of this body has TimeCode: 11:59:51.3 focused more on energy and energy policy, energy independence throughout the years than has the chairman of the energy and commerce committee, mr. dingell. and ava care, quality health care, his TimeCode: 12:00:12.5 focus on energy and energy independence and efficient use of energy has been unmatched. TimeCode: 12:00:33.0 and i congratulate him for that. TimeCode: 12:01:05.3 as he said when this bill passed out of the house, it was the perfect bill. there are many of us in this house would have hoped that the senate would have not removed some of the items that were in this bill when it came from the house. this landmark bipartisan legislation, the energy independence and security act represents a vital turning point for our nation and historic TimeCode: 12:01:15.3 accomplishment for this congress. today, we see a new direction for the country in the area of energy policy. our nation's energy policy is linked to our national security, our economic security and national will, resources and to make significant gains in technology, conservation, vehicle efficiency, and the use of alternative fuels in order to end our reliance on foreign oil and other imported sources of energy. TimeCode: 12:01:30.4 to that extent, this bill was and remains a vital national security interest. with this legislation, we will move toward real energy independence, that results in a stronger economy, more jobs and healthier communities. TimeCode: 12:01:49.1 the chairs and ranking members that worked tirelessly to produce this bill are all to be congratulated. under the leadership of chairman dingell, as i have said, this bill includes historic fuel economy renewable fuels, fuel economy, renewable fuels and TimeCode: 12:02:05.8 energy efficiency provisions. the increase in the fuel efficiency of vehicles is 35 miles per gallon by 2020 is the first in a generation and is supported by environmentalists and the automobile industry. TimeCode: 12:02:20.3 in most to the work of chairman dingell. it will result in $22 billion in animal net consumer savings by 2020 and reduce greenhouse gases TimeCode: 12:02:36.0 in an amount equal taking off the road 28 million of today's average cars and trucks. among other things this bill will reduce our reliance on foreign oil by investing in the production and infrastructure TimeCode: 12:02:50.5 needed to deploy home grown biofuels. it provides incentives for plug-in hybrid cars and it includes landmark energy efficiency provisions that will save consumers and businesses at TimeCode: 12:03:07.9 least $300 billion through 2030. let no one be mistaken. this bill, while comprehensive, does not represent the totality of our energy policy. TimeCode: 12:03:22.5 there is much more to do and we will be about that business. for example, we should take up legislation to establish a renewable portfolio standard and extend the production tax credit and do so promptly. we also should continue to work across the aisle and move the TimeCode: 12:03:38.0 senate to reach further consensus on issues such as the use of renewables, the development of new technologies and the fiscally responsible extension of needed energy tax provisions. mr. speaker, when we started this session, we started it on a TimeCode: 12:03:55.7 historic note and swore in the first woman speaker in the history of america, in the history of this house of over 200 years. as she was sworn in, we had literally scores of children who surrounded the speaker. TimeCode: 12:04:12.2 and she entoned this would be the children's congress and would be the children's congress and it would look to the future, not the past. and this bill looks to the future of energy use of energy efficiency, of energy security TimeCode: 12:04:29.0 and of the health of this tiny globe on which all of us survive and hopefully thrive. mr. speaker, this legislation is a historic turning point in america's energy policy, and i TimeCode: 12:04:44.1 urge all of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for our TimeCode: 12:04:50.9 children, for our future, for our security, vote for this historic piece of legislation. and i thank the gentleman for yielding me the time.