Fiscal Responsibility

Speaker Boehner Decides NOT to Address the Sequester

While we’ve all been hoping for Republicans to take a reasonable approach to averting the sequester, it looks like it was just wishful thinking. Just this morning, Speaker Boehner met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and insisted that legislation to avert the sequester originate in the Senate. The Speaker has said he understands that sequestration is harmful and irrational, but apparently taking action is not a priority:

Roll Call: Boehner has said that he himself does not support the cuts outlined in the sequester but that in the absence of a replacement** that includes the same level of spending cuts or reforms, he will let the cuts to defense and discretionary programs go through.

** That’s interesting – Speaker Boehner wants an alternative? Well it’s his lucky day. As a matter of fact, not just one, but TWO alternatives have been put forward – one by Rep. Chris Van Hollen, and one in the Senate by Senate Democrats. So lack of alternatives really isn’t a problem.

If the Speaker is serious about averting the sequester, he still has time to bring Van Hollen’s sequester replacement, the Stop the Sequester Job Loss Now Act, to the House Floor for a vote. Problem solved!