*Government Shutdown

Shutdown Roundup: Impacts Continue

As the Republican government shutdown wears on, the impacts continue to be felt across the country, harming a wide range of industries:

New York Times: Without Services, Small Businesses Feel the Pinch

“The Small Business Administration says it backs an average of $96 million in small-business lending each day. Having that financing stream frozen sets off a chain reaction of economic pain, said Anthony R. Wilkinson, who heads the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders, a trade group. ‘There are restaurants that aren’t being opened and contracts that aren’t being fulfilled,’ he said. ‘As this drags on into Week 2, people are getting pretty worried.’”

“The toll may not be conspicuous yet in the broader economy, but at the local level, the ripples are spreading. At many banks, direct small business lending is stalled too, because much of the Internal Revenue Service is closed, preventing lenders from checking tax information provided by applicants. Business owners are also grappling with the absence of other crucial government services, like E-Verify, the online system companies use to confirm the eligibility of prospective employees to work in the United States.”

POLITICO: Shutdown impacting harvest season

“The week-old government shutdown is catching American agriculture and commodity markets at a tough time: harvest season.”

“Farmers, who have taken out government loans to operate through the summer, are bound by rules that require the Farm Service Agency to co-sign the checks producers receive from selling their grain and livestock — collateral for the loans.”

“But with local FSA offices closed, a routine transaction becomes a real problem — leaving farmers no way to deposit their checks even as they have other bills coming due.”

“‘October and November are big months for farmers,’ Chandler Goule, NFU’s vice president for government relations, told POLITICO. ‘We’re completely shutting everything down at a critical time in our normal business cycle.’”

USA Today: Shutdown's economic toll on parks: $76 million a day

“The partial government shutdown's toll on national parks can be measured in lost visitors, lost spending -- and lost revenue to the federal government.”

“Lost visitors: 715,000 a day.”

“Lost spending: $76 million a day.”

“Lost revenue to the federal government, in the form of entrance fees and rentals: $450,000 a day.”

“And with the shutdown entering its 10th day, multiply those numbers by 10.”

“‘These figures are mind-boggling, and they only begin to capture the full economic shock’ of the shutdown, said Maureen Finnerty, former superintendent of Everglades and Olympic National Parks. And it's not just federal employees and visitors feeling the pain, she said. Often, national parks support hundreds of hospitality jobs in surrounding communities.”

POLITICO: Nuclear regulator furloughing staff a day sooner than expected

“The agency that oversees the safety of the nation’s 100 commercial nuclear reactors announced it’s furloughing more than 90 percent of its staff starting Thursday — a day earlier than expected.”

“‘Despite our best hopes, the NRC on Thursday will be joining the rest of the federal government in shutting down due to a lapse in appropriations,’ Chairwoman Allison Macfarlane wrote in a blog post Wednesday. ‘I believe we all share a deep disappointment that this action has become necessary.’”

“As a result, the agency will halt work including non-emergency reactor licensing and emergency preparedness exercises, as well as the agency’s routine licensing and inspection of nuclear materials and waste licensees. But according to the agency’s contingency plan, the NRC will continue activities like responding to allegations of wrongdoing and overseeing security programs.”