Statement ● Defense and National Security
For Immediate Release: 
September 11, 2003
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Congressman Steny Hoyer

WASHINGTON, DC – House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (MD) released the following statement this morning in observance of the second anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks:
“So often, the cataclysmic events that have shaped American history are identifiable, years later, by nothing more than the reference to the date on which they occurred.
“December 7, 1941, will live in infamy as the date on which our nation was awakened and drawn into a world war by the unquestioned treachery of a distant enemy that today stands as a close friend.
“November 22, 1963, lives in history as the tragic day that an assassin's bullet struck down a young President who inspired a nation to believe that it could achieve the full measure of its promise if her people asked not what their country could do for them, but what they could do for their country.
“September 11, 2001, has now joined this sad roster of days in our history in which searing pain, shock and grief can only be overcome, through time, by the strength, determination and purpose that have steeled the American spirit since our forebears declared our independence 227 years ago.
“Anyone who is old enough to remember the events of September 11th will likely never forget them. In an instant, more than 3,000 innocent men, women and children in New York, Northern Virginia and Pennsylvania were murdered by criminals of unbounded evil.
“Today, again, we mourn their loss, pay tribute to their memories and pray that their souls may rest in eternal peace.  The men and women who had just begun to settle into their new workday at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  The children traveling on fateful flights that failed to reach their destinations.  And the firefighters, police officers, paramedics and others who raced to scenes of chaos and catastrophe, saw a need, responded to it, and perished in the service of others.  They are heroes in the truest sense of the word.
“Our thoughts and prayers today also are with all those who survived that horrific day, as well as those who lost loved ones.  We share your grief.
“The barbaric attacks of September 11th marked the beginning of the Third World War, a war that continues today between the nations of the civilized world that cherish freedom, peace and basic human rights and the intolerant forces of darkness who preach death and destruction and who prey on despair.
“Let no one be mistaken: We shall win this war.  The United States can take a leading role, but the scourge of terrorism will only be defeated when all civilized nations unite against it.
“Every generation of Americans must prove itself.  Two years ago today, this generation was tested.   There is much we have done to combat the evil of terrorism, but there is far more that we still must do.  The only fitting tribute to those who were lost or injured on September 11th is the assurance that we have done everything in our power to prevent such horror from touching our shores again.”