Jobs and Economy

Senate GOP Prepares to Roll Out “More-of-the-Same”

After blocking the American Jobs Act this week, Senate Republicans are clearly feeling the heat that they don’t have a jobs plan. Unfortunately for them, the “agenda” they’re rolling out is just more of the same partisan ideas that won’t create jobs or grow our economy anytime soon. Their list looks like a greatest hits compilation of GOP favorites: “targeting labor and environmental regulations, enacting a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, lowering corporate and individual tax rates…”

Economists have already said that Republican proposals to end consumer and environmental protections won’t create jobs or help our economy in the near-term. From a recent AP fact-check: “Is regulation strangling the American entrepreneur? Several Republican presidential candidates say so. The numbers don't… Businesses frequently complain about regulation, but there is little evidence that it is any worse now than in the past or that it is costing significant numbers of jobs. Most economists believe there is a simpler explanation: Companies aren't hiring because there isn't enough consumer demand.”

Rather than pursue a partisan agenda that won’t create jobs now, it’s time for Republicans to work with Democrats to put more Americans back to work.