Extending Assistance for Unemployed Americans

Roll Call: Republican Governor Makes Unemployment Extension Push

Add Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to the growing list of Republicans urging Speaker Boehner to bring the Senate’s bipartisan bill to renew emergency unemployment insurance to the Floor. Today, Roll Call reports that Governor Sandoval joined Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee on a letter to the Speaker urging House passage as soon as possible. The letter states:

“We write in support of S. 2148, the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2014, and to urge the House to pass this bill as soon as possible… As you know, long-term unemployment remains unacceptably high despite the fact that our economy has been recovering from the worst recession in generations. When our country has experienced similar rates of long-term unemployment in the past, Congress has consistently acted in a bipartisan fashion to extend emergency unemployment benefits.

“Some groups have expressed concerns with the inherent complexities of administering S.2148. Despite these challenges, our states are more than capable of implementing this legislation, including the administration of retroactive benefits, which we have successfully done in the past.”

With over 2.8 million Americans without this critical assistance because of House Republican inaction, it’s time for Speaker Boehner to start listening to his own party and bring this bipartisan legislation to the Floor.