The Ripple Effect

Yesterday, we highlighted some harsh truths former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida said at a breakfast with reporters, during which he pointed out that confrontation has become the new norm for Congressional Republicans. But as Dana Milbank points out in his Washington Post column, Jeb Bush’s statement has caused several other prominent Republicans to admit their discontent with their party’s style of governing. 

The latest comes from conservative author Steve Hayward, who responded to Jeb Bush’s comments on the bipartisanship by admitting:

“…’I actually think there’s quite a bit to be said that the Republican Party — I’m not sure if it’s not understanding the legislative process or isn’t very good at it,’ he said. ‘The Republican Party’s ability as a legislative party atrophied during those decades when they were out of power.’ Democrats, he said ‘are better at running Congress — there’s no question about that. And Republicans are yet to prove they’re any good at governing as a majority.’”

We hope that Republicans will start listening to the growing calls from their own ranks and start to choose compromise over confrontation, allowing Congress to work together to address the problems facing our country.