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Republicans Wrong on the Facts: Hide Their History of Letting UI Lapse

This morning, Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee tried to blame Democrats for any potential lapse in the payroll tax extension—despite House Republicans’ refusal to bring to the floor a measure to ensure there will not be a middle class tax increase that passed the Senate with 89 votes.

And in their rush to deflect blame from their own obstructionist stance, Republicans accused us of letting jobless benefits expire in the past.
But the facts tell a different story:
Lapse Begin Date
Lapse End Date 
Number of Days 
Legislation that Ended Lapse
What Actually Happened
 Temporary Extension Act of 2010
 (P.L. 111-144)
“Sen. Jim Bunning, R- Ky., is being harshly criticized for his decision to block the short-term extension of health insurance benefits set to expire Sunday.”
 The Continuing Extension Act of 2010
(P.L. 111-157)
“For the second time in as many months, Republicans had tried to block the unemployment benefits. Also for the second time, they failed.”
 The Unemployment Compensation
 Extension Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-205)
“Republicans on Thursday defeated Democrats' showcase election-year jobs bill, including an extension of weekly unemployment benefits for millions of people out of work more than six months.”
 The Tax Relief, Unemployment
 Insurance Reauthorization,
and Job Creation Act of 2010
(P.L. 111-312)
“Unemployment benefits: not until Bush tax cuts pass, Senate GOP says. Senate Republicans pledge not to take up any issues, including extending unemployment benefits, until the Bush tax cuts and federal spending bills are sorted out.”