Make It In America

Republicans vs. Romney on Jobs

Wanted to pass along some highlights from this morning’s WSJ article with Republican governors touting economic gains and the growth of manufacturing in their states, complicating Mitt Romney’s doom-and-gloom narrative:

“As Mr. Romney hops among battleground states to highlight U.S. economic woes under Mr. Obama, he keeps knocking against dissonant voices from his own side: Republican governors, such as Mr. McDonnell, touting recent turnarounds in states that Mr. Romney has to win in November.”

“But Republican governors in states that will decide the election, such as Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Iowa, have a rosier view. While Mr. Romney points to a feeble recovery, underscored by last month's grim jobs report, the governors—looking to their own political fortunes—cite job growth, higher corporate investment and the rebirth of domestic manufacturing in their states.”

“‘My state is seeing significant growth,’ [Iowa Republican Governor Terry] Branstad said in an interview, adding that he didn't see why the Romney campaign decided to highlight unemployed Iowa residents. Ticking off a long list of companies that are expanding in the state, including Alcoa and John Deere, he said, ‘We are doing very well.’”

“On the ropes two years ago, Ohio is now one of the fastest-growing job creators in the U.S.—a fact Mr. Kasich, the state's Republican governor, cites frequently. Ohio's jobless rate rocketed to nearly 11% in the summer and fall of 2009 but has since fallen to 7.4%, below the national average and nearly two percentage points lower than when Mr. Obama took office. The state has gained 47,200 jobs over the past year, nearly a third of them in manufacturing, led by a revived auto industry. ‘We're at the start of a real resurgence, the likes of which we haven't seen in decades,’ said Eric Burkland, head of the Ohio Manufacturers' Association.”

“Mr. Burkland, along with other business and GOP leaders, said Mr. Obama's $85 billion bailout of General Motors and Chrysler gave a big boost to the state, which is the largest producer of car parts in the U.S.”

“When [Ohio Governor John] Kasich was asked earlier this year if it bothered him that Mr. Obama might reap credit for the uptick in jobs, he said, ‘Bother me? I hope he gets all the credit.’”