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For Immediate Release: 
November 22, 2013

There are only 8 legislative days remaining before the end of the year, yet House Republicans wasted this week on bills that will not advance in the Senate, become law or address any of the time sensitive issues Congress must pass before the end of the year. I am disappointed that instead of taking action on critical legislation, including a budget agreement that replaces the sequester, a farm bill with adequate funding for nutrition programs, the bipartisan Senate-passed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), ensuring millions of Americans can continue to receive the help they need with unemployment insurance, or comprehensive immigration reform, House Republicans are running out the legislative clock. House Republicans have wasted enough time on manufactured crises; now it’s time for Congress to finish our work on behalf of the American people.

This week I continued to urge Budget Conferees to finalize a balanced agreement sooner rather than later.  The best way to give confidence to our economy would be to pass a bipartisan, balanced budget agreement that replaces the sequester and prevents another government shutdown. The sooner our conferees reach an agreement to fund the government, replace the sequester, and begin the work of putting our nation on a fiscally sustainable path, the sooner we will give certainty to the American people and our economy.

I hope that when we return in December, the House Republican leadership will be ready to take action on critical and time-sensitive legislation before Congress adjourns this year.  Democrats remain committed to working with House Republicans to address these issues

I hope you and your family have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Sincerely yours,


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