Health Care

Republicans' Rough Day

They went from this:

“We are forging ahead,” Cantor said, adding that “we don’t believe in Obamacare” — an attempt to beat back on the idea that this legislation expands the program. When asked if Republicans can pass the legislation, McCarthy said “every time you ask this question, I’ll give you the same answer: the first rule of Fight Club, we don’t talk about Fight Club.”

To this:

“House Republican leadership abruptly pulled a health care bill from the floor after concerns from conservatives that it extended President Barack Obama’s health care law.”

And now the Rules Committee, which was meeting on the Helium bill (now there’s a hot topic for you), has recessed over an issue with that bill. Friendly reminder: this was originally meant to be a suspension bill before Republicans decided to drag it out into a two-day rule bill - which they’ve now managed to mess up.

Governing is rough, isn’t it?