Make It In America

Republicans Return Home With Little Action Taken on Jobs

Last week Republicans returned to their districts and were “shocked” to hear that job creation was the dominant issue constituents wanted to discuss. Since taking the House majority, Republicans have said that job creation would be a top priority. Unfortunately they’ve taken little action on jobs. While Americans are focused on jobs and the economy, Republicans have wasted time on bills that have more to do with their partisan agenda than actually helping create jobs.

Democrats, on the other hand, remain focused on the Make It In America plan – a plan to support job creation by providing an environment for businesses to innovate and make products here in the U.S., which will help more middle-class families Make It In America. We hope after hearing from their constituents back home, Republicans will return to Washington ready to work with Democrats to help grow our economy and give Americans what they want: jobs.

From the Hill:

“Yet other members who hosted events last week said they were surprised by the lack of comment from constituents about the debt-ceiling vote.”

‘I was shocked. Although I talked a lot about the debt ceiling, there wasn’t a lot of talk about the debt ceiling [from constituents],’ Griffin said. ‘I thought that would dominate the discussions and it just didn’t … [People asked about] jobs, taxes and our debt.’”

Jobs seemed to be the dominant issue. A Gallup poll last month showed that 27 percent of voters named unemployment and jobs as the most important problem facing the United States.”

The House Democrats’ recess packet emphasized jobs and protecting entitlements.

“Freshman Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) will host an as-yet-unscheduled town hall for seniors on entitlements and a job fair for her district.”

“Wilson’s job fair will be held Aug. 23 and includes 73 companies offering more than 3,000 jobs for south Floridians.”

“‘It’s a huge job fair,’ Wilson said. ‘[Democrats] just know the suffering of this nation and the struggling in the nation because so many people have lost their jobs and so many people are underemployed.’”

“Several other members of the Congressional Black Caucus also are holding job fairs in their districts during August as part of a ‘For the People’ jobs initiative.”