*Government Shutdown

Republicans Refuse to Reopen Government, Leave Nation Unprepared for Natural Disasters

Just wanted to point out that, as Tropical Storm Karen makes its way toward the Gulf Coast, the bill on the Floor today (which leaves the government shut down) doesn’t address a wide range of agencies that respond to major storms, including:

  • DOD/National Guard – conducts storm response, including assisting to protect lives and secure property
  • Corps of Engineers – makes repairs to levees and dams, shoreline protection, and debris removal
  • EPA – helps communities protect drinking water and sanitation, oversees oil and hazmat spill response in the event of a disaster
  • HHS – helps to protect public health
  • National Weather Service/NOAA – assists with hurricane prediction
  • USDA – responds to crop damage and livestock loss
  • SBA – makes loans for damaged small businesses
  • Coast Guard – engages in water rescue, water-borne hazard response
  • Labor – provides dislocated worker and unemployment assistance
  • DOT – aids communities with the restoration of highways and other modes of transportation
  • NRC – monitors the security and safety of nuclear power facilities in the path of severe storms
  • Forest Service – assists with removal of blown down or damaged forest resources, lends heavy equipment
  • Fish and Wildlife Service – lends heavy equipment and vessels for response

It couldn’t be clearer: Republicans need to allow a vote on the clean Senate government funding bill so that we can reopen the ENTIRE government.