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For Immediate Release: 
July 19, 2013

Today, I introduced legislation that would call for Congress and President Obama to fill the vacancies on the Election Assistance Commission, a bipartisan board that provides advice and counsel to states on best practices to carry out their elections and critical assistance to local election officials.  At the beginning of the week I had the privilege to speak at the 104th NAACP Convention about my commitment to address the Supreme Court’s disappointing ruling on the Voting Rights Act.  I was encouraged that both the House and Senate Judiciary committees held hearings this week on how to move forward and respond to the Supreme Court ruling.  I am hopeful that Congress will take swift action to improve our voting system so that every eligible American has the opportunity to exercise their most basic right to vote.

This week, Republicans voted for the 38th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Health care reform is the law of the land, and provides essential health benefits to millions of Americans and just this week, President Obama announced a new study that shows that preliminary premiums for plans being made available to individuals on states’ new health insurance marketplaces are lower than initially expected by the Congressional Budget Office.  I hope Republicans stop wasting time with pointless repeal votes that have no chance of being signed into law, and instead work with us to ensure that the Affordable Care Act works for all Americans. 

Additionally, House Republicans passed the “Letting Students Down Act” – a partisan education bill that was opposed by virtually all stakeholders, including business organizations, teacher unions, civil rights and disability advocates, and conservative think-tanks.  Rather than work together on a bipartisan bill to strengthen schools and ensure students can succeed, Republicans voted to drastically reduce education funding and weaken education standards.  I’m disappointed Republicans wasted time on this partisan legislation instead of working towards bipartisan solutions to the many challenges facing our nation, including a big and balanced solution to our deficits, a solution to the reckless sequester, and comprehensive immigration reform. 

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