Republicans Only Want to Cut Spending When It Won’t Affect Them

We shouldn’t be surprised. According to POLITICO, despite Republicans’ support of the sequester, it turns out they don’t like these cuts when it impacts their districts:

Republicans have been most prominent in seeking relief. Sen. Jerry Moran wants to shift $50 million to protect contract air-traffic control towers important to rural states like his own Kansas.”

“Prompted by threatened layoffs at the Tobyhanna Army Depot, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) was on the floor Thursday, proposing to add $60 million back into military operations accounts by raiding the Pentagon's biofuels program.”

“-- The Pryor-Blunt proposal would keep food inspectors - and Missouri's 43,000 meat-industry workers - on the job, [Senator Roy] Blunt told Huddle. ‘We've got 148 meat packing facilities from Missouri, [Arkansas Sen.] Mark Pryor has 137. This is a big issue where we live and it impacts families who really work hard to make a living,’ Blunt said. ‘For meat, poultry and eggs, the inspector needs to be present for every minute that plant is operating, so if he doesn't show up nobody else can be working.’”

We thought Republicans wanted to cut spending? Oh, that’s right. Just spending that doesn’t affect them. They should have thought about that before they let the sequester happen.