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For Immediate Release: 
August 3, 2012

Yesterday, Republicans left town without completing work on a number of critical items, including giving certainty to American families that they will not see their taxes increase in January.  Republicans chose confrontation over compromise by rejecting a bill already passed by the Senate that provides all Americans with a tax cut for income up to $200,000 for an individual and $250,000 for a couple. Rather than play political messaging games, it is time for Republicans to stop holding 98% of Americans hostage to providing tax breaks to the top 2% in our country. It is crucial that we pass an extension of middle class tax cuts, a concept that both parties agree on, so that Americans have certainty their taxes will not increase.

In addition to leaving town without a middle class tax cut extension signed into law, Republicans have consistently failed to govern for the middle class. They have failed to take action on comprehensive jobs legislation, like House Democrats’ proposed Make It In America jobs plan, or on a balanced deficit reduction plan. This adds to a long list of legislation awaiting consideration by House Republicans, including several bills which passed the Senate with bipartisan support, such as the Violence Against Women Act, the Postal Reform bill, and the Farm bill. I am disappointed that House Republicans choose to leave for the August break without completing this important work, and I will continue to push House Republicans to make these issues a top priority.

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